Affordable Rustic Decorations for Country Home Design Ideas

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Country home design ideas with rustic decorations are matching elements to have for the practical style of your home. The rustic décor will use more natural materials economically and also functionally. You can find many options of rustic furnishings in Yard Sales or even only reuse things from the attic. Making this décor style is not about perfection, but more about comfort. Find the beautiful old things and make some DIY projects to make it as rustic decorations.

The Living Room Design

You need to apply neutral palette into the living room in the country home, so it looks soothing and traditional. Get the natural state by leaving any wood planks or the stone floors, etc. Meanwhile, you can add area rugs on the laminate or vinyl floors. Get more rustic looks by giving accents of wood planks from the salvaged barn on the walls. Cover the chairs and sofa with throws or vintage quilts. Add color and texture by putting burlap or feed sacks DIY pillows. Find some used materials too to make a DIY coffee table.    

The Kitchen

Kitchen must also be your main object to decorate in your rustic country home design ideas. In the same way, you can use natural things to create a rustic kitchen style. Put a large farmhouse table in the kitchen as the place to serve breakfast or even rolling bread doughs. Add sufficient seating with wooden benches and chairs that are mismatched. You don’t need to refinish or sand the pieces because you can get the country charm and rustic characters from the worn edges and the nicks. For the centerpiece, take a tin pitcher and then fill it with beautiful wildflowers.

The Rustic Bedrooms

Make a simple but comfortable and cozy bedrooms in the rustic style. Have a cheap cotton rug to cover the bare floor and provide comfortable texture underfoot. Place a wood or iron bed to get the strong country look. Spread white sheets with quilt layers. You can also find many new bedding supplies in vintage design that are more affordable. Add a classic dresser to hold extra bedding and clothes, wood bookcase and also bedside tables.

Make the Home Homier for All People

A nice home must also be comfortable and homey for other people who visit. Decorate your country home’s porch and the entryway with wagon wheel or milk can and barrels with geranium plants on it. Get the rustic things in the flea markets and you will find other things that can become great country home design ideas to create more DIY rustic things.

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