Two Custom Home Design Ideas

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When we talk about custom home design ideas, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Some may question what sets it apart from other design ideas and why consideration should be taken when we are building a custom home. Custom home, by definition, may only be a home that is built in a particular location and is specifically designed, built and decorated as per the homeowner’s wishes – but that’s not it. Custom homes offer more than you can think of. Not only do custom homes offer homeowners the opportunity to work around their budget, they also provide the freedom to create a design that is suitable with the layout of the property and their lifestyle.

Your dream home should be a home that is not only up to your standards, but also a home you feel comfortable living in for several years – even decades! Which is why it’s important to have the ultimate design, below is a list of custom home design ideas to inspire you.

·         Collected and elegant design

While there is no denying that strong colors may transform a home into a more vibrant and lively space, nothing can beat warm pastel colors to give a hint of elegant touch to your interior. Start from the kitchen, a linen white wall-paint that goes well with satin-finished hardwares and gray caesarstone countertop will result in a beautiful yet highly functional kitchen. The dining room, adjacent to the kitchen, is given an earthy look with soft palette dining set – you may opt for wooden dining set that consists of dining chairs with cream faux-leather accent and large unfinished dining table. Marble-themed bathroom with nickel-finished bathroom fixtures along with tall walk-in closet and cabinets to store your shoes and clothes will definitely add more elegance to your custom house.

·         Green, sustainable living design

Have you every considered an open air space in the center of your property as opposed to having a typical backyard? Grow flowers or build a zen garden, and a water feature to make it more aesthetically pleasing. An additional rustic table with wooden bench may make it a good area to relax in. If an open air space isn’t possible, you may make use of your backyard. Remove the wall separating your house with your backyard, and install pocket doors that you may slide away easily to bring the nature in your view.

Whether you wish for an elegant touch or a natural with wide open air space option, these two custom home design ideas will surely inspire you to design your custom home.

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